Herbal Infused Hair Growth Oil


  • Promotes scalp PH balance
  • Promotes blood circulation to scalp
  • Strengthens scalp and hair
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Cleanses hair
  • Protects hair follicles
  • Conditions dry hair

***Results May Very***

Promote your hair growth with Beyond Bold’s Herbal Infused Hair Growth Oil. This all-natural mixture aids in a healthy scalp and helps new hair follicles to come forth!

This timely infused hair growth oil leaves your hair soft and takes care of areas that are thinning out. It works very well on the edges of your hair as well.

How to Use

Apply the oil directly to the scalp area that is thinning out or can be placed directly on the hair. Herbal Infused Hair Growth Oil can be used once or twice a day. Use sparingly. A little goes a long way. ***Shake Well Before Using

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Weight 4 oz


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