About Us

Koyzell & Pacia Moultrie are Founders of the Haircare Product Line Beyond Bold. They began making their natural hair care products in the kitchen of their home.

Unable to find hair care products that tackled dandruff, dryness, dullness and weak hair follicles, without having to add damaging chemicals, they set out to create their own.

The husband and wife due are dedicated to making everyone fall in love with taking care of their hair all over again.

Beyond Bold’s Mission Statment

We are here to bring back our love, respect, and praise of our naturalness. Not only do we want the adults to regain back the confidence in themselves but we would like to introduce products that would tackle concerns for the young children as well. We provide products to maintain their natural beauty without having to harmfully manipulate the beauty of their hair with chemicals. 

Beyond Bold gets to the root of the problems! We focus on the foundation of the hair, which is the scalp. Taking your scalp from unhealthy to healthy brings us to our end goal of everyone having Healthy Hair!